The Kanayama Megaliths and Archaeoastronomy in Japan@
The Ancient Solar Calendar

Three Megalithic Sites

The Megaliths of The Iwaya-Iwakage Remains
"The Iwaya-Iwakage Remains" : designated historic site
Consists of three megaliths about 10 meters each,a cavemous area of 10 meter wide and 7 meter long,wide open to the south.
Many archaeological artifacts of Jomon Era have been excavated at this site.

stone_EFG stone_H/menhir
stone_F/size stone_EFG
stone_G stone_F stone_E

The Megaliths with a Marked Stone
Consists of several megaliths about 7 meters in height within a radius of 30 meters.

Markings Markings Markings

Consists of an eye shaped carving and two deep parallel lines.
These are the only markings of The Kanayama Megaliths.

So the ellipse and the markings on the stone can be gmarks (signs)h which were curved by the ancient people when they were observing the sun at this place. In Detail


stone_A stone_C and A stone_B and C stone_B and D stone_D stone_D

The Megaliths of The Eastern Mountain
Several megaliths of roughly 9 meters in length are gathering at the middle of the mountain.
The Eastern Mountain
stone_R @@ stone_S

Another Megalithic Site of Japan

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