Archaeoastronomy in Japan 
 The Kanayama Megaliths and Solar Calendar
  Kanayama, Gero-city, Gifu-pref., Japan

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  BBC FUTURE,  Japan 2020
5 minutes movie
The mystery of Japan's old stones
Uncovering the mystery og Japan's 'Stonehenge'
Broadcast release: March 30
  Kanayama Megaliths Guide Book  2018
Introduction to the Ancient Solar Calendar in Kanayama
A Guide to The Kanayama Megalith
and Archaeoastronomy in Japan

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Experience the Light Guided Tour 2020

11:30 am- 4:00 pm

Package includes Kanayama Megaliths tour + Lunch + Kinkotsu Meguri : escorted by bus from the Hidakanayama train station
<Departure Time of Tour Bus: 11:15 am>

Reservation required
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Kanayama Megaliths Research Center

January 19-21..............About 30 days after Winter Solstice
February 15-19............About 30 days after Winter Solstice
March 20-22.................Around Spring Equinox

April 18-20....................About 60 days before Summer Solstice

May 2 - 6........................The Golden Week Vacation ( Consecutive Holidays)

May 21-24.....................About 30 days before Summer Solstice
June 20-22..................Around Summer Solstice
July 19-22.....................About 30 days after Summer Solstice

August 22-24...............About 60 days after Summer Solstice
September 19-22......Around Autumn Equinox
October 23-27............About 60 days before Winter Solstice
November 21-23.......About 30 days before Winter Solstice
December 20-22
.......Around Winter Solstice

<Tour Cost>
・ 2 - 3 persons, each 4,000 yen
・ 4 - 9 persons, each 3,000 yen

・10 or more persons, each 2,500 yen

These prices are for when the guide language is Japanese only. If you need an English interpreter, you will need an extra ¥ 1,000 per person, if we can arrange for an interpreter. In any case, this tour is a special price tour with a bus transfer from the station. You will surely be satisfied.

The Research Center will also help you with your sightseeing in Kanayama.
Please feel free to consult. We look forward to see you!

Sponsored by Kanayama Tourist Association.
Cooperators : kanayama Megaliths Research Center , Hizan Restaurant, Kinkotsu-Guide Association.

    Kanayama Megaliths Research Center & GALLERY
You can watch a movie of the Kanayama megaliths, see a photo exhibition and commentary panels.

Open: 9:00- 17:00  Off day vary
Address: 2142-4, Kanayama, Kanayama cho, Gero city, GIFU, JAPAN
TEL.0576-20-4118, E-mail:
  Kanayama Megaliths Guidebook (Japanese)
The Guidebook of the Kanayama Megaliths was published in 2016 by the Kanayama Megaliths Research Center. This book is composed of many photographs and illustrations of the survey records. You can browse and purchase this book at the Kanayama Megaliths Research Center.

Authors: Yoshiki Kobayashi and Shiho Tokuda
A4 Size, 72 pages, Full color, 1,300yen
  English Blog

'Iwaya-Iwakage of Kanayama Megaliths

  Essay, Japan-Insights

"Jomon Astronomy" Solar calendar of the Kanayama Megaliths
Harriet H.Natsuyama, D.Sc

Advisor's Corner
  Discovered "Big Dipper" Cup Marks   Feb.2011
Dr.Stefan Maeder/Kanayama Megaliths's Advisor (Archaeology)

岩屋岩蔭遺跡巨石群(Stone E)の東面に掘り込まれた 9個のカップマーク(盃状穴)のうち、7個を結ぶと北斗七星が浮かび上がる。この頭上には紀元前より北斗七星が輝く・・・反転された北斗七星が描かれた例は、世界の古代遺跡からも多く発見されているという。
  Video link: "Cupules, Whales and Crosiers" at Department of Physics and Astronomy at Heidelberg University Dec.2019

Zur Frage der prähistorischen Himmelsbeobachtung in Japan
Dr.Stefan Maeder/Kanayama Megaliths's Advisor (Archaeology)
Dr. Stefan Mäder M.A., Archäologe, Museum Altes Zeughaus,Solothurn 
≪WEB SITE≫Schwertbrucken 剣橋
Forschung und Kulturaustausch - Zwischen Japan und Europa
  Kanayama Megaliths Solar Calendar System

A calendar with reading leap year is confirmed by the sunlight, which comes ro the measuring stone twice a year at the site Kanayama Megaliths.
This solar calendar has
32 times leap year in 132 years (8 times leap years in 33years) and the average number of days in a year is 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 5 seconds. ……

Hight School, History of the World, 2008

Fourth grade Science, 2009 and 2015
   Kanayama Megaliths ★ Original Bandana 2012
Cotton100% /Size : 52×52cm /Price : 800yen /E-mail:

It is us who have followed ths sunbeam cycle in the Iwaya-Iwakage site.
This place has been used by horseshoe bats as a "summer camp"

Kanayama Megaliths Horseshoe Bats

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